Roadhousin’ With Richard Roode


After spending a few days and nights in Derby City, I feel comfortable giving a few recommendations for people new to the Bourbon Trail. Here are some musts for anyone traveling in and around this Whiskey Mecca:

Wild Eggs: This breakfast institution is not to be missed. Fantastic coffee, a wide variety of delicious breakfast choices, and waitresses that won’t stop bitching about bad Yelp reviews.

O’Shea’s: Looking for a college bar/live music/craft brews/Ecuadorian Hot Spot/patio? O’Shea’s has it all! Bonus: If you’re into psilocybin mushrooms, simply let the waitstaff know you’re a fan of Joe Rogan’s Podcast and they’ll do what they can to hook you up with the good shit.

Bev’s World Famous Red Hot Cincinatti: You may be in Louisville, however you can’t overlook this southern Ohio delicacy. While I’m not at liberty to reveal the exact details, just seek out the 1500 block of East Breckenridge Street and ask around for Bev. If you’re lucky enough to meet her, say that you are a “respectable person” and she’ll take it from there!

Pappy Bombs: And now we get to the good stuff. The whole reason why you made it down to the Bourbon Trail: Bourbon, and specifically, the Pappy Bomb. Every Louisville bartender worth their salt has poured hundreds (maybe thousands) of these. A shot of Pappy 10/12/15/23 dropped into a lowball of Red Bull, with a streak of Grenadine floated on top. Simply put, this is the only way to drink bourbon. Don’t be discouraged if the bartender shakes your order off or gives you a weird look; they just want to make sure you know what you’re worthy of this concoction.